Q+A with the Designer - Alysha Webster

Meet Alysha, the lead designer of NYNE. Alysha draws inspiration from the world around her, incorporating natural elements and textures into her designs. Her collections are characterised by clean lines and effortless sophistication. Her attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident in every garment. NYNE is more than just a clothing label, it’s a brand on a mission to empower women and promote positive change in the world. Alysha believes that fashion should be a force for good, and that's why she’s committed to creating garments that are both stylish and sustainable. We interviewed her in celebration of the launch of NYNE’s latest AW23 collection - Eddy…

Firstly, tell us about yourself…

I’ve always been interested in designing and creating, and it's something that I enjoy doing in a variety of different mediums, not just fashion. Whether it's working with fabrics and textiles, renovating and interiors; I find great joy in using my creativity to bring new ideas to life.

In terms of my lifestyle, I'm someone who's pretty laidback and enjoys living in a more relaxed environment. Specifically, I love living by the beach, as I find the ocean and the shoreline to be incredibly calming and inspiring. I appreciate the slower pace of life that comes with living in a beach community, and I enjoy spending my time exploring the local area, trying out new restaurants, and just enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors

Overall, I think my love of design and my laidback lifestyle go hand-in-hand, as I find that being in a calm and inspiring environment is essential for nurturing my creativity.


How does the beginning of a collection begin… Where do you look to for inspiration?

For me, every season is different! I don’t have a cookie cutter style of designing or follow the same formula each season. It could begin with a colour palette I’m excited about, particular fabrics I want to use, a feeling I want to create within in the collection and so on.


Who and what do you think about when designing new pieces?

Firstly, I think about myself and what I want to wear for the upcoming season and then, is our customer going to want that too; we have quite a diverse market in terms of our customer. Who is going to be wearing this piece and where is she going to be wearing it?

Lifestyle and practicality I think is also really important, a garment should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional and comfortable for the wearer. Practicality involves considering fabric choice, durability, ease of care, and functionality of the garment. All of this impacts the wearer's experience and the overall success of the design. Therefore, a balance between fashion and function should be maintained to create clothes that not only look good but also serve a practical purpose.


Which styles and colourways are you wearing from Eddy, and why?

I am basically living in any of the sandwashed cupro satin pieces ; Awakening Pant, Constance skirt and the Sly Shirt. I find them all so versatile! While the weather was still warmer I was wearing the pant and skirt quite casually with a void tank and sandals but now the temperature has dropped I’m loving layering them with knitwear and coats.

A couple of outfits I will have on repeat are;

- Constance Skirt Oyster, last winters oversized Merino T shirt (you could do this seasons Drift T-shirt) and the Revere Bazer in black with my platform Docs.

- Black Awakening Pant, Black Divy Hoodie and the Oyster Ottie Trench with a trainer.

I find it so easy in the colder months to just turn to dark colours constantly but this winter when the days are dark and grey it’s going to be nice to have the Oyster colourways in my wardrobe to just just lighten everything up, even if it means wearing an all black base and chucking on the Oyster Ottie Trench or Halle Coat.


Discover Alysha's signature style, featuring her favourite repeated outfits

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