A captivating collection that marks the celebration of our remarkable 20-year journey. With immense pride, we embrace our identity as a New Zealand designed and made brand, rooted in the vibrant town of Mount Maunganui. This season, we take a moment to honour the local manufacturers who have been our cherished collaborators, supporting their small businesses and nurturing the spirit of family.Nuance showcases two exclusive in-house prints, the ‘Nuance Print’ and ‘Evolve Print’, capturing the essence of NYNE’s ethos. Nuance presents itself in two striking colourways, featuring black structured markings on a soft oyster base. This print symbolises our unwavering dedication to staying true to our values. Just as the structured markings represent the foundation of NYNE, the colourways remind us of the delicate balance we maintain between boldness and subtlety. Evolve brings an element of curiosity and exploration to the collection. Abstract watercolour markings dance freely atop the original structured lines of Nuance. It represents our love for pushing boundaries, exploring new techniques, styles, fabrications, and colourways. This print encourages us to embrace the joy of discovery and the magic that comes with venturing beyond our comfort zone.

As the Autumn leaves turn and Winter settles in, Nuance promises an enchanting blend of timeless designs and luxurious textures. Warm hues and cosy neutrals dominate the palette, reflecting the natural beauty of the seasons. A nod to New Zealand’s winter sky can be seen across  moody blues and deep purples. Every piece in this collection proudly bears the mark of being New Zealand designed and made, an embodiment of our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Join us as we embark on this extraordinary chapter. Explore the depths of Nuance and revel in the exquisite fusion of structure and playfulness that defines NYNE.  Nuance - Autumn | Winter 24  by NYNE, where tradition meets exploration, and the spirit of creativity knows no bounds.

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